Cakes & Pastries

At Gourmet Bake Shop, you can find a full selection of assorted French and Italian miniature pastries, including sugar free pastries. We also have a great selection of whipped cream cakes, tiramisu, mousse cakes, carrot cake, red velvet cake, tres leches cakes, cheesecakes, rainbow cakes, and many other types of layer cakes. We make an old school blackout cake that was popular in Brooklyn years ago. We are also well known for our seven layer cake, shadow cake, and fudge layer cake. We also make an Ice Box Cheesecake, which has been a favorite over the years, as well as our chocolate nutella cake.

 You can call us ahead of time, and we can put aside a cake or pastry order for you. If it's in our showcase, we save it for you so it doesn't sell out. We also make sugar free cakes and gluten free cakes with just a day's notice. We can customize a cake in our showcase for you, just ask one of our sales staff to write an inscription on any of our cakes.